Welcome To Saheli Sangh

At present Saheli Sangh covers 2 lodges, 100 Non Brothel Based Sex Workers (NBBSWs) and approximately 2000 women in sex work living in the Red Light Area of Pune. Saheli conducts sensitisation programs and activities to members of mainstream society, especially students at various educational institutions, and civil society groups.

Major stakeholders for Saheli Sangh are-Women in sex work, Women in sex work and their regular partners living with HIV or AIDS, Non Brothel Based Women in Sex Work (NBBSWs),Brothel keepers, children of sex workers and families residing in the community, Mainstream society, Children of sex workers, Non-paying clients (regular partners), Youth-Students from various educational institutes

Strategy of working-

Saheli’s activities are based on the Peer Education model, Through the collective efforts of Sangh members, Working with various partners like NGOs (at Local, Regional, National and International levels) ,Civil society groups, Academic Institutes. etc

Our Vision: Empowerment of women in sex work through Collectivization.

Mission: To provide health care support to women in sex work.

To provide necessary social services to women in sex work.

To change the attitude of society towards women in sex work

Aim: To enhance and enable greater levels of self-protection among sex workers through a sense of togetherness, collective action and the most important is creating an identity.