Community Speaks

“Saheli Sangh is our organization! It not only provides us with various services we need but also supports us to achieve our rights by bringing all sex workers together.”

REENA THAPA, Member Sex Worker

“It is my pleasure and privilege to be associated with Saheli Sangh for more than a decade.  The organization is doing yeoman work in empowering women in sex work, one of the most underserved populations, providing them with holistic development. Saheli Sangh is continuously working tirelessly and in totality for their betterment and support. This group and their children are provided a platform where they can exist with poise and dignity. Their dedication to the cause is exemplary.”

DR LAILA GARDA, Director, KEM Hospital Research Center

Saheli, as a community-based organization tries consistently to empower sex workers by working together on a range of issues from HIV/AIDS to legal rights. Bring the only sex workers collective in Pune, Saheli Sangh provides an effective platform to raise the voices and address the concerns of sex workers.”


“Saheli’s caring and helping approach towards sex workers, TGs & PLHAs has been commendable. The new initiative of the Budhwar Peth cleaning drive, creating employment for sex workers as means of rehabilitation quite noticeable and their efforts to educate sex workers’ children and employment skills for adults are praiseworthy. We wish them good luck and success in their social and community work.”

MR.JASWINDER NARANG, CEO, Villoo Poonawalla Charitable Foundation.