Past Project

  • Targeted Intervention (TI) project: Through this HIV/AIDS Prevention Project under the National AIDS Control Organization and Maharashtra State AIDS Control Society, Saheli reached out to 1,000 women in sex work of Pune’s red-light area.
  • UNDP-TAHA project: This UNDP-supported project called Prevention of Trafficking Against HIV/AIDS was a pilot project implemented for one year to establish the connection between trafficking, vulnerabilities of women in sex work, and the prevalence of HIV/AIDS.
  • Mukta Project: This was a Bill & Melinda Gates-funded project in India called AVAHAN Initiative. Saheli worked in collaboration with Pathfinder International for one and a half years on HIV/AIDS Prevention (outreach component) for non-brothel-based sex workers.
  • Project Surkasha (SRHR for Sex workers): It was started with CSR fund support of GITS Foods Pvt. Ltd to provide services and create awareness among women in sex work about sexual and reproductive health. The project was implemented for two years but the core activities still continue to be implemented with the support of another funding agency and in collaboration with the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI).
  • Advocacy Against Violence and Advocacy for Justice (AAVAJ): The project advocates against the arbitrary use of the Bombay Police Act against sex workers and creates awareness about the law among the Police and other State Government Departments.
  • Rubaru Project: The project focused on facilitating social entitlements to women in sex work. After this pilot project, Saheli continued providing support to women in sex work and their children linking them to various government schemes and welfare policies and opening bank accounts.
  • Leading from South: It was a three-year-long project implemented in partnership with NNSW and funded by Women’s Fund Asia for developing community leadership and advocating for decriminalization of sex work and women in sex work in Pune.
  • KAAGPAY project: It was an emergency project that started to provide covid-19 relief/support to women in sex work. They were provided counselling, dry ration, and safety kits. It was funded by Women Fund Asia.
  • Community kitchen project: It was a pilot project started by Saheli Members with three main objectives, Providing alternate livelihood to sex workers who wish to give up sex work; Income generation to sustain Saheli kitchen; and providing fresh, good quality food to sex workers at a very reasonable price. The project is in its eighth year now.
  • 24X7 home care services for children of sex workers: Through the project, safe home space and educational support were provided to children of sex workers. However, since the COVID-19-induced lockdown, the children have been referred to other facilities in the area.